Friday, November 16, 2018

"Thankful Because..."

“Thankful Because…”


The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and rich in faithful love.  He will not always accuse us or be angry forever.  He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our offenses.       Psalm 103:8-10


I am THANKFUL BECAUSE, our Lord God, Almighty is COMPASSIONATE, GRACIOUS, SLOW TO ANGER, NOT ALWAYS ACCUSING US OR BEING ANGRY FOREVER.   He is:  LOVING, FAITHFUL, LOYAL, MERCIFUL, He does not repay according to our sins.  He is FORGIVING, He separates the sin from the sinner. 


Mankind is REBELLOUS to God’s Law and His ways.  Mankind REJECTS God’s COMPASSION, GRACIOUSNESS, FAITHFULNESS, LOYALTY, and His MERCY.  In order to live in the FILTH of SINFULNESS and DEPRAVITY.  That they might BLEND into the WICKEDNESS of their society.  They would rather be SEPARATED FROM GOD, and ALL that is PURE and HOLY, then to SACRIFICE their SINFUL LIFESTYLE, which is TEMPORARY.  They would rather face the JUDGMENT SEAT of the ALMIGHTY GOD, and sentenced to an ETERNITY in HELL, with ALL its HORRORS, and NO WAY OF ESCAPE, then to HUMBLE THEMSELVES before GOD, and SEEK His MERCY and GRACE, and to be FORGIVEN of their SINS, and to spend ALL ETERNITY in HEAVEN, with ALL its BLESSINGS.


I am THANKFUL BECAUSE years ago I gave my HEART and LIFE to GOD.  I received His MERCY and GRACE.  And I was FORGIVEN of my sins, PAST, PRESENT, and FUTURE.   I am SO looking forward to spending ETERNITY in HEAVEN, and leaving this WRETCHED, SINFUL, DEPRAVED WORLD.  Can you say the SAME THING?   Are you looking forward to spending an ETERNITY in HEAVEN or being in CONSTANT TORMENT, TORTURE, HEARTACHE and PAIN, with NO WAY of ESCAPE?  The choice is YOURS, CHOOSE WISELY!!


God in His GRACIOUSNESS and MERCIFULNESS, LOVES YOU, and wants you to spend ETERNITY in HEAVEN with Him and ALL the other TRUE BELIEVERS.  In order to do that YOU MUST TURN AWAY FROM your sinful lifestyle, and TURN TO GOD, with a TRUE REPENTANT HEART.  You MUST CONFESS your sins to Him, and ask Him for His FORGIVENESS.  Then you MUST BELIEVE that, Jesus died for YOU, and is ALIVE in Heaven, making intercession for you, before God.  You MUST ACCEPT His gift of SALVATION, and RECEIVE His MERCY and GRACE.  Then you too can be THANKFUL BECAUSE of ALL that GOD is to you.   Do this NOW, while you still can.  He’s waiting and coming SOON!!!

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