Tuesday, March 10, 2020

"What is Expected of a True Believer"

“What is Expected of a True Believer”

Now if we died with Christ, we believe that we will also live with Him.  For we know that since Christ was raised from the dead, He cannot die again; death no longer has mastery over Him.  The death He died, He died to sin once for all; but the life He lives, He lives to God. In the same way, count yourselves dead to sin but alive to God in Christ Jesus.        Romans 6:8-11

A person is led to Jesus Christ, through the work of the Holy Spirit, and as an act of REPENTANCE, for the SALVATION of their soul.  And through their REPENTANCE, they are SAVED, and are BAPTIZED into Christ Jesus, in the fact that they identify with Christ and His DEATH and RESURRECTION, which is portrayed through their WATER BAPTISM.

With this BAPTISM they CONFESS that their OLD SINFUL MAN is crucified with Christ.  So, they DIE to their OLD SELF, and are RAISED to a NEWNESS of LIFE.  A life, in which the OLD SINFUL WAYS might be DONE AWAY with. In which, they SHOULD NO LONGER be slaves to their sin---because anyone who has died has been SET FREE from sin.   (VV6-7)

So, if they DIE to SIN, then they SHOULD LIVE with Christ.  And their OLD SINFUL LIFESTYLE no longer has RULE OVER them, because they have DIED to SIN and LIVE to RIGHTEOUSNESS.  Jesus Christ DIED to SIN, this is the SIN of ALL MANKIND, which He took with Him on the cross when He died, and so SIN’S wages, claims, demands and the penalty that was due, was SETTLED and PAID IN FULL.  And NOW He LIVES to God, as the SAVIOR and LORD of ALL. 

We can consider ourselves to be VICTORS over SIN, DEATH and the GRAVE, when we become a TRUE BELIEVER, because we are a NEW CREATURE.  One who CAN and SHOULD TURN AWAY FROM their OLD SINFUL LIFESTYLE, and TURN TO GOD, with a TRUE REPENTANT HEART.  One that will RUN AWAY FROM the SIN, instead of RUNNING TO the SIN.  We can do this by the POWER of GOD’S HOLY SPIRIT.  IF we will CONFESS our sins to Him and ask Him for His FORGIVENESS, and PRAY for the STRENGTH to OVERCOME our WEAKNESS.  Then BELIEVE, with ALL our HEART that HE IS ABLE to DELIVER US.  And that JESUS DIED for YOU, and is ALIVE in Heaven, making intercession for you, before God.  And ACCEPT His gift of SALVATION, and be WILLING TO DIE to your SINS, and to LIVE to RIGHTEOUSNESS, and an ETERNAL HOME in HEAVEN, with ALL its BLESSINGS, and to ESCAPE an ETERNITY in HELL, with ALL its HORRORS and NO WAY TO ESCAPE.  Do this NOW, while you still can.  He’s waiting and coming SOON!!!

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