Thursday, July 31, 2014

Tell What He Has Done

Let them give thanks to to Lord for his love and for the miracles he does for people.  Let them offer sacrifices to thank him.  With Joy they should tell what he has done.-----Psalm 107:21-22

It is said that when you cross the Alabama state line, you must pledge your allegiance to either Alabama or Auburn.  Now during football season this could very well be true, or at least one would think so because of all the hype that is carried out.  Alabamians take their football to a whole new level.  During the season, wherever you go you will notice a sea of crimson and white or blue and orange, elephants (Big Al) or tigers (Aubie).  It almost teeters on overkill.

The fans are either shouting "ROLL TIDE!" or "WAR EAGLE!"  to each other.  The businesses even display their preferences, homes, yards and vehicles are decorated to the hilt with either BAMA or AUBURN decor.  Now, I have said all of this to make a point.

If the Born-Again Child of The Living God, Creator of the Universe and EVERYTHING in it, The Redeemer of Mankind, and The Righteous Judge of Mankind, would give PRAISE and THANKSGIVING to Him like they do to their favorite football team, who by the way, has NEVER done ANYTHING on  a personal level, like GIVING their life for you, or PROVIDING an ETERNITY in HEAVEN, if WE would offer to Him our SACRIFICE OF THANKSGIVING AND PRAISE, to the ONLY ONE WORTHY, our relationship with Him would be so RICH and we COULD truly proclaim His PRAISES for our ABUNDANT lives.  GOD IS GREAT ALL THE TIME.  GO GOD!!

If you CAN'T give God thanks and praise for His love, because you have NEVER TRULY given your heart to Him, you can change that NOW, and become a CHEERLEADER for Jesus, by:  CONFESSING your sins to God and telling Him you are sorry for those sins, BELIEVING that Jesus died for your sins and is in Heaven making intercession for you before God and ACCEPTING His gift of SALVATION. Do it NOW, while you still can.  He's waiting!!

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