Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who Do You Trust?

You are only human, and human beings have no right to question God.  An object should not ask the person who made it, "why did you make me like this?  The potter can make anything he wants to make.  He can use the same clay to make one thing for special use and another thing for daily use.-----Romans 9:20, 21

To me, it is amazing that mankind has the audacity to try and tell the Creator of EVERYTHING, that is, was, or ever will be created, how to use HIS very own creation, such as, dictating to Him what He should do with mankind, and when He, the Creator decides to do something that differs from the norm, or when the person, He, God, created, thinks they know better, they, the creation, takes matters into their own hands and WALLA!!  We have what we have TODAY!

Wars, rumors of wars, diseases, famines, incurable diseases, pollution, murders, thievery, covetousness, drug abuse, alcoholism, increase in divorces, abortions, infanticide, corruption in governments, poverty, child-abuse, pornography, adultery, corruption in the workplace, unemployment, lying, hypocrisy, cheating, hatred, malice, etc., etc., etc., and that is just some of mankind's accomplishments.  Not very impressive!

When Almighty God created this world and EVERYTHING in it, it was PERFECT, with none of the above present.  God wanted the VERY BEST of the BEST for the CROWNING TOUCH of creation, MANKIND, but MANKIND thought he knew better than his CREATOR, thus we have ALL of the above and more.  And now the rest of the story!

The Creator lovingly has made a way for His CREATION to have the BEST OF THE BEST by sacrificing His VERY BEST, His only Son, to die a shameful death on an old rugged cross for the sins of His CREATION, MANKIND.

If you are trying to tell God what's BEST for YOU, and are struggling to live in this world full of SERIOUS problems, that aren't going to go away, if anything, they WILL get WORSE.  So let go and let God be God!

You can look to a future of experiencing THE BEST OF THE VERY BEST by:  CONFESSING your sins to God, BELIEVING in your heart that God gave His only Son to die for YOUR sins and is ALIVE today, in Heaven, FOREVER making intercession for YOU before Father God!  ACCEPT God's AWESOME gift of SALVATION.  He's waiting!!

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