Thursday, January 26, 2017

"Evil People"

“Evil People”



But evil people are like the angry sea, which cannot rest, whose waves toss up waste and mud.  “There is no peace for evil people,” says my God.      Isaiah 57:20-21


The Almighty God is a LOVING, MERCIFUL, FORGIVING, Father, but He is also a JUST, HOLY, and RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, who judges those who are of an EVIL, WICKED, mindset and lifestyle, those who do NOT have it in their HEART to REPENT of their EVIL and WICKED ways.  He gives them EVERY opportunity to come to Him with a TRUE REPENTANT HEART and to confess their sins to Him, yet they REJECT His invitation and prefer to live in their EVIL, WICKED, SINFUL ways.


Galatians 5:19-21 gives us a clear picture of the TRUE NATURE of EVIL PEOPLE, it says that they are sexually unfaithful, not being pure, taking part in sexual sins, worshiping gods, doing witchcraft, hating, making trouble, being jealous, being angry, being selfish, feeling envy, being drunk, having wild and wasteful parties, and doing other things like these.  I warn you now, as I warned you before: Those who do these things will NOT inherit God’s kingdom. 


Our verse of Scripture, today, tells us that these EVIL PEOPLE are like the ANGRY SEA, which cannot rest, whose waves toss up waste and mud.  One sin leads to another and it is a continuous cycle that seems to have no end.  It taints every fiber of their lives, and with every EVIL, WICKED action comes PAIN, HEARTACHE, AGONY, and DESPAIR that brings DEVASTATION to that individual, their families, and their acquaintances.  It destroys relationships, character, careers, and it ROBS the EVIL PERSON of a PEACEFUL LIVELIHOOD, and of an ETERNITY in Heaven. 


They will TRULY reap what they sew.  But because God is LOVING, COMPASSIONATE, CARING, MERCIFUL and FULL of GRACE, He will offer the EVIL PEOPLE His FORGIVENESS and SALVATION, if they will come to Him with a TRUE REPENTANT HEART, CONFESSING their sins to Him, and asking Him for His FORGIVENESS, BELIEVING, with ALL their HEART that Jesus died for them, and is ALIVE in Heaven, making intercession for them, before God, then ACCEPT His gift of SALVATION and live in PEACE, with the assurance of an ETERNITY in Heaven.  They NEED to do it NOW, while they still can.  He’s waiting and coming SOON!!!



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