Monday, June 30, 2014

Being Part of The Royal Family

The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God-----Romans 8:16

What an AWESOME assurance to those of us who have SINCERELY given our hearts and lives over COMPLETELY to the ONE and ONLY ONE who is ABLE to give us that ASSURANCE.  The ONE, who has adopted us into His royal family for ALL ETERNITY!

To think that the Creator and Ruler of this ENTIRE universe chose ME to be a part of His Royal Family and not  JUST A PART, but HIS CHILD, a JOINT-HEIR with His BLESSED SON to all the glories and riches of Heaven.  Now that ought to make US ALL SHOUT!  We are Children of The King and not just any king, but The KING OF KINGS!!

If you have NEVER TOTALLY given your heart to JESUS, then you don't have that ASSURANCE and further more you are NOT a child of The Living God, you are His creation, but you have never been adopted into His Royal Family.

Now for the GOOD NEWS, you can be ADOPTED into His Royal Family and have that AWESOME ASSURANCE that He gives to ALL His Children!  By simply ADMITTING you are a sinner, then CONFESSING to God ALL your sins and BELIEVING in your heart that Jesus died for YOUR sins and is ALIVE and in Heaven ALWAYS acting on YOUR behalf, as your lawyer or advocate before the Father God.

When you do this with ALL your HEART, you too become a joint-heir with Jesus to ALL the glories and riches of Heaven.


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