Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Spirit Versus the Flesh

The Spirit Versus the Flesh



…walk by the Spirit and you will not carry out the desire of the flesh.

Now those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. Since we live by the Spirit, we must also follow the Spirit.--------Galatians 5:16,24,25



When a person comes to Christ for the SALVATION of their soul, they come to the cross and CONFESS their sins to God, then REPENT or turn away from those sins.  Which is the process of crucifying the flesh and its passions and desires.  They leave them nailed to the cross and then receive the gift of God’s Holy Spirit.


It is then up to the new believer to LEAVE the passions and desires of their sinful nature at the cross and to WALK or LIVE by the Spirit.  This does NOT mean that we won’t fall into temptation and sin.  It means that we have the VICTORY over the sinful nature through Jesus Christ in His death and resurrection.  We are no longer in bondage to the sinful nature, but have been set FREE.


Since we are to LIVE by the Spirit, then it is up to us to FOLLOW the Spirit.  We do this by being SENSITIVE, OBEDIENT and SUBMISSIVE to the will of the Holy Spirit that indwells us.  When we open our HEART to Him, He will LEAD us and we NEED to FOLLOW Him.  When we are OBEDIENT to the Spirit, we have less of an opportunity to FOLLOW the desires of the flesh.  And FOLLOWING the desires of the FLESH leads to corruption of the soul, but FOLLOWING the will of the Spirit leads to the purifying of the soul.


Following the Spirit versus following the flesh are the exact opposites and we are given the choice of which path we will take:  The one that leads to eternal life in Heaven or eternal life in Hell.  It is OUR choice.  Which path are you on? Who are you FOLLOWING?  Remember FOLLOWING the Spirit will set you FREE, but you must first come to the cross and crucify your sinful nature.  But FOLLOWING your sinful nature will lead you to an eternity in Hell, the place of TORMENT. 


If you have not given your HEART and LIFE to God, then you don’t possess His Spirit and you are FOLLOWING your sinful nature and your destination is Hell, but you can change your destination  by:  CONFESSING your sins to God and asking Him for His FORGIVENESS, BELIEVING, with ALL your HEART, that Jesus died for YOU and is ALIVE, in Heaven, making intercession for you, before God, then ACCEPT His gift of SALVATION and LIVE or WALK in His Spirit and be set FREE from the bondage of your sinful nature.  Do it NOW, while you STILL can.  He’s waiting!!!

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