Saturday, October 3, 2015

"God's Compassion Triumphs His Wrath"

“God’s Compassion Triumphs His Wrath”

After He killed some of them, the others turned to Him with all their hearts.  They remembered God Most High, the mighty rock that kept them safe.  But they tried to flatter God, they told Him lies; they were unfaithful and boke their promises.  Yet God was kind.  He kept forgiving their sins and didn’t destroy them.  He often became angry but never lost His temper.  God remembered that they were made of flesh and were like a wind that blows once and then dies down.        Psalm 78:34-39

This Psalm is speaking of the Israelites when they were led out of Egypt and were in the wilderness.  When they were in the desert, they kept sinning and rebelling against God, they tested and challenged Him.  The Lord God became angry and furious with them because they refused to trust Him and they doubted His saving power.

God gave them all they wanted then He became angry and killed the strongest and best of the Israelite families.  But the rest of them kept on sinning and still did not trust God’s miracles.  After He killed some of them, the others turned to Him with ALL their hearts, they remembered that He had kept them safe.

But then they fell back into their sinful ways and tried to flatter God, they lied to Him, they were unfaithful and broke their promises.

Then the compassionate heart of the Living God triumphed over His anger to the point that He was kind and kept forgiving their sins, and He did not destroy them.  He would often get angry but He never lost His temper.  God remembered that they were merely made of flesh and were like a wind that blows but once and then dies down.

I believe this is a STRONG WARNING to us today, we need to STOP our sinful ways and REMEMBER ALL the times that God has protected and provided for us.  We need to TRUST and be FAITHFUL to Him.  We need not to try and pull the wool over His eyes nor flaunt our sinful lives in His face.  We need not to challenge or test Him, because doing these things are detrimental, if not fatal, to our spiritual well-being.   He will not ALWAYS strive with mankind, but one day He will pour out His wrath upon this earth and it will be horrendous.  I am so thankful that I won’t be here to experience it.    Can you make that same claim?

You can if you have TRULY given your HEART and LIFE to God, through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.    If you have not done this, but feel like the Holy Spirit is drawing you to God for the salvation of your soul, you can come to Him now by:  Confessing your sins to Him and asking Him for His forgiveness, believing with ALL your HEART that Jesus died for you and is alive in Heaven making intercession for you, before God, then accept His gift of salvation, and experience His kindness and love and not His anger and wrath.  Do it NOW, while you still can.  He’s waiting and coming SOON!!!

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