Thursday, October 1, 2015

"The Awesomeness of God"

“The Awesomeness of God”

He saved us—not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to His mercy, through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.  He poured out this Spirit on us abundantly through Jesus Christ our Savior, so that having been justified by His grace we may become heirs with the hope of eternal life.       Titus 3:4-7

Isn’t the plan of salvation amazing?  The fact that Almighty God LOVES fallen mankind, and because of that AWESOME love, He has a plan to bring fallen mankind to Himself, the HOLY, RIGHTEOUS God of ALL creation. 

In this plan is the MERCY of the Almighty God.  It is NOT by OUR works of righteousness, but according to His MERCY that He saves us.  And because of His MERCY we are cleansed by the act of rebirth, spiritually, and are made new again by the work of His Holy Spirit.

We have the presence of His Spirit indwelling us through Jesus Christ our Savior.  When we are drawn to Christ for the salvation of our souls, and we acknowledge that we are a sinner in need of a Savior, then confessing our sins to Him and asking for His forgiveness, believing that Jesus died for us and accepting in our HEART, God’s gift of salvation, we then receive the Holy Spirit, who will convict us of our sins, guide our paths, and teach us God’s ways and will, and so much more. 

So having been JUSTIFIED by God’s AMAZING GRACE, we become heirs with a HOPE of eternal life in Heaven with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The AWESOMENESS of God is exemplified by His LOVE, MERCY, and GRACE through the washing of regeneration and renewal by His Holy Spirit for the REDEMPTION of mankind.  Have you experienced the AWESOMENESS of God?  Do you have the HOPE of eternal life in Heaven?  If the answer to these questions is NO then you are headed for an eternity in Hell, unless you turn from your sinful lifestyle and turn to God for the salvation of your soul by:  Confessing your sins to Him and asking Him for His forgiveness, believing, with all your HEART that Jesus died for YOU and is alive in Heaven making intercession for you, before God, then accept His gift of salvation and become an heir with Jesus Christ to all the glories of Heaven.  Do it NOW, while you still can. He’s waiting and coming soon!!!

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