Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"Trust the Lord!"

“Trust the Lord!”

Trust the LORD!  Be brave and strong and trust the LORD.        Psalm 27:14

TRUST---firm belief in the honesty, reliability, etc. of some person or thing; faith, hope.

 This is the meaning of the word TRUST from Webster’s Dictionary.  Trusting in someone can be an “iffy” thing to do.  We often times HAVE to TRUST in people.  When we were a baby, and as children too, we unconditionally trusted in our parents, who provided our every need.  As we grew we learned to TRUST teachers, policemen, doctors, etc.  When we got older and married we were to TRUST our spouses.  And we trust our friends, which sometimes turns into problems. 

God created mankind with the need to TRUST, and so we put our TRUST in people and things, both seen and unseen.  You might ask how we can TRUST something we can’t see.  Well, we can’t see the air, but we know and TRUST that it is there, because we are breathing it.  And probably the hardest thing to do is to put our TRUST, for every aspect of our lives in someone’s hands that we can’t see.  Yet the Bible, time and time again instructs us to TRUST in God.

People of faith, TRUST God for the salvation of their souls as well as for the well-being of their livelihood.  For a short time after 9/11, people flocked to the churches with fear consuming them, because their TRUST in their government to protect them had been breached, and they turned their TRUST to God, out of fear and desperation.  Calling on Him for the protection of their livelihood, they TRUSTED someone they could not see, feel or touch, that is what TRUST is all about.

But after the shock, and when somewhat of a calmness, and normalcy returned to their lives, their TRUST in God was short-lived.  And they went back to business as usual.  They turned their TRUST towards other people and things that are temporary and cannot provide lasting protection and peace.

But there is coming a time, and I venture to say, that it is just about upon us, when 9/11 will pale in comparison to the chaos, heartache and despair that will take place when Jesus steps out of Heaven and calls ALL the TRUE BELIEVERS, those who have TRUSTED Him for the SALVATION of their souls, home to Heaven, this is known as the RAPTURE.  It is COMING SOON!  Are you ready? Have you TRUSTED Him for your salvation?

All of those precious people, who stood brave and strong when they were looking into the faces of evil men holding guns to their heads, and asking them if they believed in God, and they answered a resounding “YES!”  They had put ALL their TRUST in the LORD.  Did He save them from being killed?  No, He took them HOME to be with Him in a place where there is NO more pain, heartache or despair, a place of PERFECT PEACE and LOVE that cannot be explained.  They BELIEVED and TRUSTED.  Do you?

You can put ALL your TRUST in God, He is NOT DEAD!  And He will SAVE you from your sins and your present destination of Hell.  All you NEED to do is TRUST the LORD, by:  Confessing your sins to Him and asking Him for His forgiveness, believing, with ALL your HEART, that Jesus died for YOU and is alive in Heaven, making intercession for you, before God, then accept His gift of salvation and be BRAVE and STRONG, TRUST the LORD!  Do it NOW, while you still can.  He’s waiting and coming SOON!

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