Monday, March 9, 2015

Merciful and Compassionate!

Merciful and Compassionate!



The Lord is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.  The Lord is good to everyone.  He showers compassion on all His creation.--------Psalms 145:8-9



God’s mercy is displayed through the very work of His creation.  He has provided for mankind and for the rest of His creation ALL they need to survive and to live comfortably.  We have air to breathe, food to eat, water that sustains us.  Our environment is conducive to providing and protecting our life needs.  Our bodies are made to function, in order to provide life-sustaining capabilities.  He is an ULTIMATE DESIGNER, with mercy and compassion for ALL of His creation.


It is His desire for ALL of His creation to be taken care of because of His GREAT love for it.  We should praise Him continually for all that He has done.  It has been by the hand of man that this world has the problems that it experiences today.  We have destroyed the pure, clean, air and water not to mention the contamination of the ground, in which we are experiencing the after effects, cancer, lung diseases, and other forms of illnesses, all because mankind has not been good stewards of what God has provided.


We should be thankful that He is slow to get angry, He has the ability to completely destroy His corrupted, sinful, tainted, messed-up creation, ALL of it, just by speaking or moving His mighty arm, He could disintegrate EVERYTHING.  But because of His UNFAILING LOVE, He has chosen to have compassion and to give us the opportunity to turn from all our sinful ways and reap the benefits of His UNFAILING LOVE, MERCY and COMPASSION.


He has demonstrated His UNFAILING LOVE, MERCY and COMPASSION for mankind by sending His only begotten Son to redeem us, to cleanse us, and to give us the HOPE of Heaven for ALL eternity.  If you have NEVER given your HEART and LIFE to Him, then you are destined to a life of misery, heartache and torment throughout ALL of eternity, but you can change your destiny by:  CONFESSING your sins to God and asking Him for His FORGIVENESS, BELIEVING, with ALL your HEART, that Jesus died for YOU and is ALIVE, in Heaven, making intercession for you, before God, then ACCEPT His gift of SALVATION.  Do it NOW, while you STILL can.  He’s waiting!!!

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